Hi everyone,

The NumFOCUS organization is a 501(c)3 dedicated to both open source scientific software and computational science education ( numfocus.org ).  I have recently been named to their board of directors.

NumFOCUS supports many projects familiar to us here, including NumPy, Matplotlib, Jupyter, Astropy, and Sympy, as well as rOpenSci, Data Carpentry, Software Carpentry and Julia.

After talking this over with Britton, I would like to propose that we join NumFOCUS through a comprehensive Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement.  This process is outlined here:


Organizations such as NumPy and rOpenSci have detailed their reasons for participating in this program here:


Primarily, I think that this would help with our ability to exist independently of a single investigator; grants for programs such as workshops, project infrastructure, and so on can be managed by NumFOCUS (which has low overhead) and can be affiliated with the project.

I think this is something that warrants discussion, and perhaps should be talked over in person during a team meeting, but I believe that this would be a strong step forward for us as a project and a community.