Hi all,

I think a piece of low-hanging fruit to make the contributing process clearer would be to add a CONTRIBUTING file to the main yt repository.

I think the text of this file mostly exists already in this document in the docs:


One thing I could do is extract the text of that document from the docs sources and simply add it to the root of the repository like I've done with the coding style guide in my open style PR. This way it's still in the docs build (since it will be included using a sphinx include statement) but the instructions will be closer to the code location in the root of the repository, increasing discoverability for new contributors who are not aware of the developer guide in the docs. This CONTRIBUTING file could also subsume the coding_styleguide.txt file.

This file could also summarize, discuss, and highlight the code of conduct: http://ytep.readthedocs.org/en/latest/YTEPs/YTEP-0023.html

Do others think this is a good idea? Are there other things that should be in a CONTRIBUTING file. Maybe instead of copy/pasting the content of the developing.rst file in the docs, it could just link to the developer guide, and the discussion of the code of conduct and any other new things we'd like to add could be added there.

Thanks for your advice,