On Friday, October 24, 2014, John ZuHone <jzuhone@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey all,

I know we nixed the previous notebook progress bar because it was really bogging things down—but it would be handy to have one, and there are some ASCII-only implementations that probably won’t use as much memory.

That wasn't the issue, it was buggy and was leaving markup behind in the notebook after cleaning itself up.  This led to things like output cells increasing in size with each progress bar used and ballooning JavaScript and HTML markup embedded in the notebook JSON document.

It's also tricky because the maintainer of the progress bar we use isn't terribly responsive and wasn't interested in integrating a notebook-aware version last time I checked.

That said, there is a progress bar widget in IPython 2.0 that might be useful.

I also haven't looked into this in a year or so, it's possible the bugs that forced us to drop the notebook-aware progress bar have been fixed.

Any thoughts? I’d be happy to look into it myself.


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