I don't have anything better at the moment, but there's a fast algorithm in FLASH for doing this that could be ported over and made part of yt that would probably be pretty useful. 

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On Apr 15, 2012, at 10:40 AM, Christopher Moody <cemoody@ucsc.edu> wrote:

Hi everyone,
I just asked the IRC list this, but I guess no one was there. I'm trying to grid a few million particles onto the yt grids, but checking if the left and right edges of my particles are inside every cell is slow:

#find particles inside cell
idx = na.logical_and(na.all(le < pos,axis=1), na.all(re > pos,axis=1))
#assign them to a grid
#remove particles from future searches
pos = pos[~idx]

I start with the finest grids at the highest levels, and once the particles are gridded they're removed -- so the list of particles is always decreasing, and the coarsest mesh tends to have only a few particles. I'm guessing that somewhere this has been done before - I'd rather not reinvent the wheel. Has anyone used any relevant kdtree (or cython) code in the yt utilities that can select a subvolume of particles quickly? 

Thanks ahead of time!
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