Hi all,

I'm cutting the 3.5 release and realized we didn't have a discussion about what the version number on master should be after we release 3.5.

Our next planned release is 4.0, we're not currently planning on doing a 3.6 release. That said, i think the version number on master should be 3.6.dev0. This doesn't indicate that we're going to release 3.6, it just makes it easier to track since the version number on the yt-4.0 branch is already 4.0.dev0. I don't think it makes sense to have two branches where that's the version number.

Does anyone have any objections to setting it up like that? Hopefully we'll be able to merge the yt-4.0 branch into master before too long and not have to deal with the distinction. There are still a few tech debt things I want to clear up before merging, but we're in a much better position than we were before Ash's GSOC project at the beginning of the summer.