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On Tue, Jul 6, 2021 at 11:12 PM Madicken Munk <> wrote:
Dear yt users and developers,

The yt community is proud to announce the release of yt-4.0!

yt ( is an open source, community-developed toolkit for analysis and visualization of volumetric data.

This release features a complete reworking of a number of internal components, most importantly those related to particles and discrete points.  In keeping with this, we expect that some scripts used for analysis will require modifications; information about "what's new" as well as instructions for how to update analysis scripts can be found at: .

A set of highlights of the pull requests that went into this release can be found here:

A full listing of the pull requests that went into this release can be found here:

This release has been years in the making, and features contributions from dozens of individuals, many of whom were new to the project.  It marks the culmination of a set of wide-reaching infrastructure changes that result in much higher fidelity to the underlying data for particle datasets.

At the end of this email you can find a non-exhaustive list of individuals who have contributed to this release; many of them made their first contribution during this release!

Binaries for yt 4.0 are available via pip and conda. If you use conda to manage your Python installation, you can update yt via:

$ conda update -c conda-forge yt

If you manage your Python installation with pip, you can update yt via:

$ python -m pip install -U yt

For more information, including installation instructions, links to community resources, and information on contributing to yt’s development, please see the yt homepage at and the documentation for yt-4.0 at

We especially thank Nathan Goldbaum for his many years of work and contributions to this release and to the yt community.

yt is the product of a large community of developers and users and we are extraordinarily grateful for and proud of their contributions. Please forward this announcement on to any interested parties.  If you are interested in contributing to yt, please see our repository on GitHub at

Thank you for being a part of the community,

The yt team

Contributors to this release (first time contributors are marked with "*")

Ashley Kelly
Axel Huebl *
Baptiste Mouginot *
Ben Kimock *
Bili Dong
Brandon Qiao
Britton Smith
Cameron Hummels
Camille Avestruz *
Chris Havlin *
Christopher W. Evans *
Clayton Strawn
Clément Robert
Corentin Cadiou
David Grote *
Desika Narayanan *
Jared Coughlin *
Jody Klymak *
John Regan
John ZuHone
Kacper Kowalik
Kelton Halbert *
Madicken Munk
Matthew Abruzzo *
Matthew Turk
Matthias Bussonnier *
Meagan Lang *
Michael Zingale
Miguel de Val-Borro
Nathan Goldbaum
Neïl Zaim *
Niels Claes
Ole Streicher *
Philipp Edelmann *
Revathi Jambunathan *
Shea Garrison-Kimmel *
Stefan Arridge *
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