Hi everyone,

Today we accepted a pull request backporting all changes from yt's analysis_modules to their future home in the yt_astro_analysis package. This makes yt_astro_analysis ready for a stable release from a codebase perspective, although there are still a few more things to do. The current plan (unless their are other opinions) is to announce a stable release of yt_astro_analysis at the same time as the next release of yt. This also makes sense since yt_astro_analysis currently requires the development version of yt.

This leaves the level_sets module (countouring and clump finding) as the last non-deprecated package in the analysis_modules directory. A discussion from a long time ago concluded with the idea that level_sets be moved to somewhere in yt/data_objects. What was not decided is where in data_objects, whether it would take on a new name, and if the API should change at all.

On Slack, Nathan suggested having something like ds.clump_tree.  Does anyone else have any thoughts?