Hi all,

I would like to thank the entire yt community as the program Google Summer of Code'18 is approaching its official end. During this summer, I have been working with yt to improve its testing infrastructure, increasing code coverage and optimizing the test suite. You can find more details on this in the following links:
I would like to thank my mentors: NathanKacper and Colin who helped me in my endeavor. Nathan has as always been quick to respond to my queries and clearing my doubts on yt internals. Whatever I say is less about him! Colin has been toiling with me to achieve robust and elegant programming solutions. Kacper helped me with valuable advise on Jenkins and answer testing infrastructure. I am glad that I have learned a lot from all of them and will be carrying these valuable lessons in my future ventures.

The support and guidance shown by yt developers have been commendable. I not only got the feedback from the "official" mentors but from a lot of people. I thank MatthewAndrewCorentinBritton, and others for their valuable feedback on my work.

Thank you everyone for making this a memorable summer for me!

Abhishek Singh

Email: 1. abhisheksing@umass.edu  2. in.abhisheksingh@gmail.com
Github: https://github.com/git-abhishek
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/asingh690/