Dear all,
I'm trying to add new fields used in GAMER by editing the file "",
but I'm confused about the following declarations.
   KnownGAMERFields = FieldInfoContainer()
   add_gamer_field = KnownGAMERFields.add_field
   GAMERFieldInfo = FieldInfoContainer.create_with_fallback(FieldInfo)
   add_field = GAMERFieldInfo.add_field
What is the difference between "KnownGAMERField" and "GAMERFieldInfo"?
To me, it seems that they are both instantiations of the class FieldInfoContainer,
except that GAMERFieldInfo has a fallback function "FieldInfo".
Similarly, what's the difference between "add_gamer_field" and "add_field"?
Thanks in advance for the help!!