Hi Matt, I've been thinking about the need for us to create some special verification datasets where we know what the right answer is, so we can test the various routines, like the streamline plot, to see if we get the expected plot.  These should be conceptually simple datasets (like a left-handed vortex of vectors) where we know what the result should look like.  

I had tried something earlier with a volume render dataset when I was playing with left/right handedness. In that case, I had simply made my dataset in NumPy as a cubic array and then fed it into yt -- that seems to be an easy route to testing these things.


On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 6:06 PM, Matthew Turk <issues-reply@bitbucket.org> wrote:
New issue 1009: Streamline plot callback may be transposed

Matthew Turk:

In debugging the streamline plot callback, I've run into something odd.  I'm hoping @jwise77 , who wrote it originally, might be able to chime in.

It's not clear to me that we are doing "the right thing" since we have an image plot which is using `origin='lower'` and a streamline plot that is not.  Additionally, the x, y ordering requires us *not* to transpose the resultant image buffers to get the right shape of our array, if we have a non-unitary input buffer.

In short, I think the inputs may be transposed but shouldn't be, and I'm not sure the streamplot is right.

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