Hi everyone,

Britton here.  I tried changing the value of r_min to 3 x the smallest dx and it didn't seem to fix the problem, which I am somewhat confused by.  However, I think setting end_collect to True is just fine.  I'm for it.


On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 3:43 PM, Stephen Skory <s@skory.us> wrote:

> Or you could turn on end_collect, which should be 100% fine for a
> sphere whose limits are defined as some really, really small radius
> and the radius of that sphere.  end_collect only becomes a problem
> when your object is not pre-constraining your values.

I think that this is a good solution because it may better match what
observers do. Britton, I think that this should be on by default, what
do you think? Otherwise, it should be a parameter to the halo

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