Hi all,

I wanted to lay out a few things that I'm hoping to work on in the near term future.  These are all maintenance goals for yt, not new functionality; I'm thinking that for me at least new functionality may need to take a backseat for a little while, even though it's tons of fun.

 * Performance: there have been performance regressions for patch AMR code, as well as the codebase as a whole, in support of generality.  I've started looking at this and hope to spend more time on it.  Sam, Kacper and I have all expressed interest in plugging at this.  Next week i'm going to try to set up a hangout where we look at issues, set up regression testing for performance, and then even perhaps try to address them in the hangout.
 * Python3: I have spent a little bit of time working on Python 3 in the past (mostly in collaboration with Jill), and even just updated the PR this morning.  There are still test failures and errors which I would like to fix.  My plan here is to first get a working 2to3 codebase, and then evaluate single codebase.  We've recently gotten requests for this as well.
 * Infrastructure: shoring up the infrastructure to expand testing and development is a near-term goal, and Kacper and I will probably be partnering on this.