Hi all,

I just went through and triaged the unmilestoned issues. We're at 27 issues now that are marked for yt 3.5.


I've created a google meet event (like hangout but with a much higher participant limit) for the hangout here:

I'll be on the call starting at 9:00 AM central time on Thursday. Once we have a quorum we can go through the issues, identify who wants to work on what, and start hacking.

If you'd like to participate but are nervous about the time commitment, you definitely don't need to be there the entire time. Any help at all is very much appreciated. I will also be around for low-latency help if you need it.

Hopefully by the end of this we will either be ready to cut a release or failing that we will have a much better idea what actually needs to get done. I know that several other people expressed interest in helping out but couldn't do this week, so I may decide to also schedule a day or two next week to finish things off and hopefully not delay yt 3.5 even more.

Thanks for your help!