I had to do this a couple of years ago.  Here's what I did.  Things have changed since then and I don't remember everything exactly, so this won't serve as a complete guide.

First, I installed it on a local machine.  This lets yt grab all the zips of all the dependent packages, hashes, and the clone of the repo.  This is the stuff that you actually need the internet for.  (In my case the local machine was a mac)

Put all those on a thumb drive, move it to the machine you want.  You should move ONLY the contents of the src directory, and make sure that the install script is running from that directory.  (In my case the remote machine was a linux cluster.)

Run the install script on the new machine.  Since you have all the dependent zips and the yt repository, the install script is smart enough to see that and not try to fetch anything off the internet.

The one last step that you'll need to re-invent, because I don't remember what I did; I needed to convince distutils that it didn't need to see the internet once I was on the new machine.  For reasons In don't quite remember, one of the steps in building several of the pieces choked because it couldn't see the internet, even though it wasn't actually necessary.  

I hope that's somewhat helpful.


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Dear all,

How to install yt 2.6 in a computer without internet?

Reju Sam John

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