Matt has pointed out to me that the HaloFinding that I referenced did not actually count, since that itself wasn't the Class.  I am actually changing my mind on this point anyway.  We should probably just be in charge of changing all import statements in all files when we do the file name changing.  That way we run a smaller risk of having broken imports for a period of time.


On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 8:26 PM, Stephen Skory <> wrote:

>>Some of the files I've been assigned refer to things that Stephen will probably change, such as HaloFinders -> halo_finders.  I will change things like this according to this convention.  Maybe we should reply to this with a list of files we changed, just to make sure we get all the imports right.

I'm fine with you changing things in stuff I've written to correspond to changes you've just made. Is that what you did, anyway (I hope!)?

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