Dear yt-dev

I recently found out about, and I'd like to propose we adopt this tool as
part of our CI for linting/auto-fixing.

The idea is that this automatically runs

$ pre-commit run --all-files

on each pull request and commits to the corresponding branch to auto-fix errors with
pre-commit hooks (black, isort and flynt in our case).
I'm reaching out to you because this would have small repercusions on everyone's
workflow. Let me try to give a comprehensive description of gains and costs in the following.

what it gets us

a simplification of our CI tooling, namely:
- `tests/lint_requirements.txt`
- `.github/workflows/style-checks.yaml`
all become useless

`.github/PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.yaml` will also be simplified as all linting items in `PR
Checklist` become redundant.

On top of this, new hooks could be seamlessly added in the future without increasing the
entry barrier for occasional contributors (as installing pre-commit hooks locally is and
remains an opt-in).

what it costs us

- "zero" configuration: the only requirement is `.pre-commit.yaml`, which is already part
of the repo.
- minor updates to .pre-commit-config.yaml, namely :
    - bumping black's version
    (reason: black's `--exclude` flag is overidden by pre-commit's `--all-files`, but more
    recent versions of black have a `--force-exclude` flag that overcomes this)
    this will require a new PR to adopt black's latest (minor) updates in code styling
- signing up to (free)

what this changes to your workflow

PRs will be automatically fixed by the bot, so you'll either need to occasionally run `git pull` or `git push
--force` to account for it.
Note that this can be avoided completely by installing pre-commit hooks locally which is
and will remain an opt-in, see

Let me know what you think. Take care, and happy new year !
Cheers, Clément