So to address the enzo testing side of things:

Sam, do you mean, make a gold standard prior to making changes, then after changes test against the previously-made gold standard?  This addresses the issues of seeing if your changes break the code, but what if a bad changeset somehow gets into the codebase?  I like having a way of comparing long-term (ie after several changesets) to see if the gold standard has drifted substantially, say from changeset 1000 to 1100.  Or perhaps there is a mechanism in your new jenkins instance that precludes this?  Is jenkins already being run on every PR to make sure we're not merging in bad code that breaks the test suite relative to the previous gold standard?  I think what kacper has done in yt to make this happen is one of the major successes of our development process, but it seems like it's a lot of work to make it happen.

Another concern I have is that the defaults right now in the enzo testing suite give you a bunch of errors because they're looking for the external gold-standard.  So to a new user, even one who has read through the documentation on how to use the test suite, it just appears like enzo is broken and failing on a bunch of fronts.  At the very least if we keep this model, we should make sure that it doesn't default to looking for a non-existent gold standard and that the docs are updated to reflect this.


On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 7:39 AM, Sam Skillman <> wrote:
I'll just mention that the enzo tests are set up such that having a public gold standard is not really a priority. It's best to just create a local gold standard and test against that.  

On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 7:23 AM, Matthew Turk <> wrote:
On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 9:19 AM, Cameron Hummels <> wrote:
> Thanks for the update, Kacper.  I guess I didn't realize it was just a
> man-hour thing.

It definitely is.  We had to take it down and migrate it because of
funds (and it was to the tune of a couple hundred a month, but that
could come way down), but we haven't had the opportunity to bring it
up because it will take time and effort to make it do what we want it
to do.

These aspects of it were around before:

 * Answer tests -> this has been switched over, as Kacper noted
 * Project indexing -> Britton's going to move this to a repository system
 * Image and notebook sharing -> This will probably use SEEDME, but
it's a person-hour thing
 * Data widgets -> These were hardly used, but eventually we will try
to bring them back up

If anybody wants to try to help out, that would be great.  I'm not
going to be able to work on this for some time.  It'll require some
web work, some infrastructure management, and probably some patience!


> Cameron
> On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 2:08 AM, Kacper Kowalik <>
> wrote:
>> On 07/17/2014 07:28 AM, Cameron Hummels wrote:
>> > Hey everyone,
>> >
>> > Is there a timeline for the yt hub coming back up?  I believe the hold
>> > up
>> > had been the fee of hosting the hub, which I think was being covered by
>> > Matt's personal funds.  Is there ever any hope of getting some dedicated
>> > funds to support this in the future?  If not, I'm happy to chip in some
>> > money to help this get back up.  It seemed like a great resource both
>> > for
>> > hosting datasets and projects tangentially related to yt.  Also, I think
>> > it
>> > was the location of the enzo test gold standard, right?
>> >
>> > Anyway, I just wanted to see if there was a timeline for it coming back
>> > or
>> > if was out for the foreseeable future, or if we could help.
>> >
>> > Cameron
>> Hi Cameron,
>> I think at this point all the required infrastructure is available, so
>> it's not a matter of funds, but rather time. The original hub code needs
>> to be rewritten in some parts to fit into new environment.
>> Some of this work has been already done, e.g. Matt ported answer tests'
>> storage to rackspace[1], there's running.
>> Additionally, there's a very interesting project that we are planning to
>> use wrt datasets sharing: I'm going to adapt existing
>> commandline client in order to make 'yt upload_notebook' work again.
>> However, my time is very limited at the moment and I don't expect it to
>> change before September.
>> Cheers,
>> Kacper
>> [1]
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