Hi all,

We will be participating in the NumFOCUS google summer of code org this year. Interested students will be able to spend 10 weeks this summer improving yt. We have three project ideas on our google summer of code repository on GitHub along with detailed instructions on how to apply:


Applications are due March 27, 2018.

To apply for google summer of code you must be enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at an accredited university. The stipend scales with cost of living, but goes from ~$2400 (in e.g. India) to ~$6600 (in e.g. the USA). During the course of the program, the student is expected to work full time on their summer of code project as an independent contractor funded by Google.

A successful applicant will make themselves visible to the yt developer community and will reach out to us on our developer mailing list.  We also have a requirement that the applicant must submit and merge at least one pull request before we approve your application. We strongly encourage applicants to contact their prospective mentor to ask questions about their application and iterate on drafts well before the deadline.

If you know anyone who might be interested in this opportunity, please forward this e-mail to them. I'm happy to answer questions via e-mail.


Nathan Goldbaum