Since I screwed up forking yt last time (wanted dev but got stable), I didn't want to repeat my mistake, so I need someone to check my findings.

I went to and clicked on "Fork us on BitBucket!" and it brought me to BitBucket page with a name "yt" and a specific tip of 4ec73cabefb6

But it doesn't say anything about if it is the stable or dev branch.

I then went and looked at the two install scripts available, and found that the variable $(BRANCH) is "stable" or "yt", so I am guessing after I forked on BitBucket, I need to do the following

# update the local branch to dev branch named "yt"
hg up -C yt   
# commit the change on local machine
hg commit -m ""
# push the change of branch up to the fork in BitBucket
hg push

to switch the yt I just forked from whatever branch it is in right now into the dev branch of yt named "yt"

Is that correct?

If that is the case, I think last time I did the fork but didn't switch branches, and it defaulted to the stable branch.