Regarding the user name, I'd go 'yt_analysis', since for political reasons you might want to avoid appending 'astro' (the subtle point there being that yt would ONLY be useful for astro, and it may drive away people, consciously or unconsciously.


On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 12:28 PM, Matthew Turk <matthewturk@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi everyone,

There've been lots of problems with the hg server on hg.enzotools.org.
 It's time to move from there to somewhere else.

I propose going to Bitbucket.  This enables many things: forking,
easier collaboration, pull reports, code review, and so on and so
forth.  Additionally, it will eliminate the timeouts that have plagued
the hg.enzotools.org server.  Bitbucket allows for domain redirection,
so all the existing paths should continue to work, they will just be
served by a different server.

Can I get [+-][01] on going to Bitbucket?

I'm trying to get us the 'yt' username, but haven't had luck yet.  If
the yt username is unavailable as of Sunday night, we'll need a backup
name.  I'd like to put this up for a vote:


Can I get a vote on that, or any other suggestions?  The upshot here
is that we'll have hg.enzotools.org point to the user page for
whatever we end up with (so it will still be
http://hg.enzotools.org/yt/ to get to the yt repo, yt-doc for yt-doc,
etc etc), but we also need a username.  So if you go to BitBucket
itself, rather than hg.e.o, you will see
bitbucket.org/[username]/[project] .

In addition, if you are reading this, can you email me off list with
your BitBucket username so that I can add you to the access control
list?  For now I think it will be better if we ease ourselves into the
BitBucket workflow and avoid being too free with Pull Requests, and so
I'd like to add people to the write list for whatever repo we end up
with.  You can get a BitBucket username simply by logging in with your
Google username, if you like, or create a new one.  I'm MatthewTurk,
for what it's worth.


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