Hi all,

Now that we're fully on github I took the opportunity today to triage our issue list. There were a number of issues that I could close immediately either because they are fixed already, were classified incorrectly as open when we imported them from bitbucket, or because there wasn't sufficient information to reproduce or understand the reported issue.

That leaves us with 97 open issues. Now we need to decide which of those 97 issues should be blockers for a 3.4 release. Currently almost all of the open issues are in a new 3.4 "milestone" we can track:


I've also created a bunch of labels. We can probably bikeshed about what they should be named and if we have too many:


I'd like to propose that we move all the issues I've marked "new feature", "help wanted", and "wish" labels to a new 3.5 milestone. In addition, I think many of the issues marked "enhancement" can also be moved.

I think it would be worthwhile to schedule a hangout sometime in the next couple weeks to determine which issues should block a 3.4 release. Let me know if you are interested in that so we can figure out a date and time.