Hi everyone,
I'm not sure I have a strong opinion one way or the other, except to say that .fluid bothers me in the event of multiple fluid fields. We may have native fluid fields and 'interpolated' fluid fields based on SPH particles. We might even have particle types with different force resolutions (dark matter may be coarser than star or gas particles, for example), and therefore may want different smoothing kernels, and different fluids for each kernel. I'd like break away from the idea of one canonical 'fluid' quantity...

If we did choose a dd.fluid approach, couldn't we just alias calls like dd["Density"] to go dd.fluid, and deprecate it over time? 


On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 11:20 AM, Matthew Turk <matthewturk@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,

During the geometry handling hangout today (which I think was quite
successful!) the question came up of how to handle accessing particles
and fluids came up.

The suggestion has been put forth to change all access of field values
into .fluid/.field and .particles, with the optional type specifier as
the first attribute.  This would look like:

dd = pf.h.all_data()


dd = pf.h.all_data()

I have an opinion on what we should do, but I'd like to hear from
others before continuing down this path.  Here are the options:

1) Keep everything as is for now, requiring users to manually
selection things like particle type and fluid type (in case of
multiple fluids) and just say who cares if people have multiple
particle types.
2) Move to requiring dict-of-dicts for particles only, and allow
fluids to exist as is.  i.e.,


3) Move to requiring both .fluids and .particles, and make both dict-of-dicts.

dd.fluid[:]["Density"] # for all densities summed

4) Leave things mostly as is, but use tuple-access for types.  This would mean:

dd["Density"] # gives the total density
dd["dust","Density"] # only dust density
dd["PopII", "particle-velocity-x"]

5) Use the object for fluids with optional type specifier, and
dict-of-dicts for particles:



To be honest, thinking about this worries me a bit.  I'm inclined not
to break old code unless absolutely necessary.  But, I would like to
support two-fluids in a more reasonable way, and I also want to
support multiple particle types (a more common use case, I think) more
elegantly.  As a rule, even though this is coming down the road a bit,
I'd like to try to keep in mind that big changes are frustrating for
people, so for each change that is made a good reason for making it
should be present.  In this case, I initially wanted to make it much
easier to select individual particle types, but then the discussion
grew from there.  We need to consider both aesthetic and technical

I'd like to hear any suggestions or feedback on these items, or
alternate suggestions.


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