Hi all,

I'm proud to publicly announce that we will have two Google Summer of Code students working on yt development this summer.

Ashley Kelly will be working on the "demeshening" project by adding the ability to smooth SPH data onto various kinds of meshes as well as improving the documentation for working with SPH data in the demeshening.


Abhishek Singh will be working on improving the yt test suite, with a focus on improving test coverage and the runtime performance of the test suite.


With the public announcement of the projects for this year, we are beginning the community bonding period. This is a time for Ashley and Abhishek to check in with the community and start to dive into the codebase. While their official mentors are available to answer their questions one on one, other community members are welcome to jump in and help out in the spirit of the community code of conduct if mentors are unavailable for some reason.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about our participating in Google Summer of Code, please let us know by replying here or by contacting me off-list.

-Nathan Goldbaum