Hey peeps,

Right now there is inconsistency in the docs of using YT, ``yt`` (i.e. code-text) or yt.  What do people prefer here?  I think we should avoid YT, but I could go either way on the remaining two options.

Also, section headers are of two formats: "Capitalize all Important Words" and "Only capitalize the first word of the section".  I'm more of a +1 on the first option.

There is a suggestion made by Michael Zingale about moving the parallel docs from the analysis section to being a top-level section in the docs, since it applies to viz, analysis, etc.  I'm -1 on this move as I like having the top-level docs be relatively few in number.

Lastly, there is no real "introduction" as to what the different sections mean.  There is the bootcamp and cookbook which give lots of usage examples, but no true introduction that tells people why to look at "fields" or "objects" or whatever.  We have tried to lay out the docs in an order and with labels that is logical and gives people an idea of their contents, but does anyone think we should have a short top-level introduction?  Or even something on the front page?  Not sure on this, but new users might have more of an opinion.

Keep up the good work!


Cameron Hummels
Postdoctoral Researcher
Steward Observatory
University of Arizona