Hi all,

We're getting perilously close to a beta release of 3.0 -- I think at this point we have most major functionality in place, answer testing is back online, and the number of cards left for a release is dropping precipitously.  The *major* thing holding us back is documentation.

I'd like to have a "virtual sprint."  This would be where people can drop in at any time during the day, for however long they can stay, and we chat about things and knock a few items off the todo list.  Mostly -- it's a time when people can spend ten minutes reading docs and making some edits.  I've set up a doodle here:


If you want to participate, fill out which days work for you.  I'll set up the hangout on the day of and keep it going as long as people are around.  I've added a list to the board for sprints about this: