Hello everyone,

Yesterday morning, we held the second yt Team Meeting as per the governance YTEP.  We had representatives from each of the 5 subcomponents of the code, as well as several additional attendees since it was held at the same time as the yt development workshop at NCSA.  I personally think it worked really well to have so many people in attendance, as we were able to address issues more fully with a larger group.  I would be in favor of having future meetings open to the full member base and potentially the full dev base.

Nathan acted as scribe and took notes on what was discussed.  You can see those here:


We had to finish the meeting somewhat abruptly and were unable to schedule a follow up meeting as well as the coordinator/scribe for that meeting.  I propose that we hold the next meeting a month from now, on Friday 11/14.  I propose that Hilary Egan be the organizer, since she was interested in hosting the last meeting, but due to a conflict was unable to do so.  Are there any problems with this?

Great job, everyone.


Cameron Hummels
Postdoctoral Researcher
Steward Observatory
University of Arizona