> This is a very good idea.  Maybe we could try it with Amazon EC2?  I
> have had success building an AMI in the past, and it's very easy to
> do...  although not free, and not local.  I do though like the idea of
> thumb drives...  and I can't imagine it wouldn't be an interactive
> workshop!

That might be rad, if the network connection is reasonable-- If we had
50 users for an 8 hour meeting and can swing the cheap option, that's
only $35.   Show me 50 thumb drives for $35 and I'll show you 2 thumb
drives and a pile of plastic.  Also windows users could get on with
putty, if there are any of those.

To pile onto this, if we choose to go that way I can get MSU to donate a big pile of thumb drives, though they will have some combination of MSU, ICER and Physics Department logos slapped onto them...  :-)