Hi Matt,
Thanks for the explanation! Now it's clearer to me.
Let me describe what I understand so far, and please correct me if there is anything wrong.
When I use "add_gamer_field" to add a build-in field in GAMER,
in principle I DON'T need to set the "function" parameter since the field values can
be set directly to the loaded values, but I DO need to provide the "convert_function"
parameter to properly convert unit to cgs.
On the other hand, when I use "add_field" to define a derived field, I DO need to set
the "function" parameter to describe how to get the new derived field from the
existing fields, but in principle I DON'T need to provide the "convert_function" again
since all existing fields are already in cgs units. Is that correct?
One more question. In the field.py file of flash, I saw the following lines.
   def _get_convert(fname):
       def _conv(data):
           return data.convert(fname)
    return _conv
    add_flash_field("divb", function=NullFunc, take_log=False,
                                units = r"\mathrm{Gau\ss}\/\rm{cm}")
My question is:
1. Where can I explicitly set the operations performed by data.convert("divb")?
2. What "field" variables can be put into data["field"] (may all the fields
that have been added by add_field and gamer_add_field)?
Thank you very much for the help. The YT group is so active and I
will be more than willing to have GAMER supported in YT ASAP !!

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Hi Hsi-Yu,

On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 9:54 AM, Hsi-Yu Schive <hyschive@ntu.edu.tw> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm trying to add new fields used in GAMER by editing the file "field.py",
> but I'm confused about the following declarations.
>    KnownGAMERFields = FieldInfoContainer()
>    add_gamer_field = KnownGAMERFields.add_field
>    GAMERFieldInfo = FieldInfoContainer.create_with_fallback(FieldInfo)
>    add_field = GAMERFieldInfo.add_field
> What is the difference between "KnownGAMERField" and "GAMERFieldInfo"?
> To me, it seems that they are both instantiations of the class
> FieldInfoContainer,
> except that GAMERFieldInfo has a fallback function "FieldInfo".
> Similarly, what's the difference between "add_gamer_field" and "add_field"?

Ah, this is something that should be made a bit clearer in the
documentation.  The distinction is somewhat subtle, and relies on
whether a field is something that could reasonably be expected to
exist in a file, or

A "known" field would be one that can exist in an output file.  The
others are fields that could be derived from output from the
particular code.  It's a bit of a semantic difference, but it helps
with how derived fields are detected.  So if you know a field is going
to (potentially) exist inside a data dump, it gets added with
add_gamer_field.  As an example, FLASH has the field "dens".  We want
to be able to access this field with either "dens" or "Density", so we

add_flash_field("dens", function=NullFunc, ...)

and then we add a translation (i.e., a *flash-specific* derived field) with:

add_field("Density", function=TranslationFunc("dens"))

I hope that helps!

Also, thanks for adding support for GAMER!


> Thanks in advance for the help!!
> Sincerely,
> Hsi-Yu
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