Hi all,
I updated the YTEP here https://github.com/yt-project/ytep/pull/15
It contains the best guidance I can currently provide on how to update pending PRs, as well as an updated list of PRs related to the YTEP
Please let me know if you encounter any issue with curating your branches !

On 17 Jul 2020, at 21:06, Matthew Turk <matthewturk@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi folks,

This has been merged!

Guidance about updating PRs may be forthcoming.

On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 5:34 PM Clément Robert via yt-dev <yt-dev@python.org> wrote:
So now it looks like everything is settled so we have a way forward for implementation: hurray !
If anyone interested hasn’t had time to weight in yet, please have a look and comment the PR soon, we’ll try to close it by next week, after we agree on a day for a dedicated dev meeting.
Stay safe everyone, I’ll see you soon
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On Tuesday, 19 May 2020 18:14, Clément Robert via yt-dev <yt-dev@python.org> wrote:

Hi yt-folks,

So I’ve been exploring the possibility of using Black and the likes to start enforcing styling standard throughout the code base.
Since this process involves changing a significant portion of it (several thousands of lines), it was suggested to me to make it into YTEP.
Here it is !

Hope you like it,

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