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Subject: [yt-dev] Forward pull request created e-mails to the yt-dev mailing list

Hi all,

I've noticed recently a distinct downturn in the number of pull request reviews. That's not to implicate anyone and is not a value judgement on anyone's contribution. It simply reflects that people have other things to work and focus on. I happily acknowledge that doing code review regularly is a tall order.

I'd like to make it so there's more of a culture of doing "drive-by" code review. I think one of the main reasons only a few people regularly do code review is that only a few people want to brave the e-mail onslaught and subscribe to all pull request notifications on the yt_analysis/yt repository.

Instead, I'd like to propose a hopefully lower noise alternative: forward notifications about new pull requests to this mailing list. I think it's straightforward to add this via a webhook on the yt_analysis/yt repository.

We already have similar notifications when an issue is created. This is good and it encourages more people to look at new issues and offer a helping hand if they know what to do. I think having a similar setup for pull requests will encourage more people to regularly pop in and take note of new code contributions since they'll be newly aware that they are happening.

Let me know what you think, especially if you are against the proposal.


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