Hi Stephen,
You're correct on both counts; I had a bug in the ART code which said all datasets were ART datasets. And I indeed did forgot to commit rockstar.py. I've updated the changest accordingly, does that work for you?


On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 2:40 PM, Stephen Skory <s@skory.us> wrote:
Hi Chris,

> Secondly, when I specify EnzoStaticOutput(), I can get past the error,
> and I am now getting this:
> http://paste.yt-project.org/show/2652/
> Any ideas what's going on? Thanks!

On this second point, I think you may have forgot to commit/update
your rockstar.py file. The function call to it in rockstar.py doesn't
match the one in the pyx file (it's missing num_snaps, total_paritcles
and dm_type):


        self.handler.setup_rockstar(self.server_address, self.port,
                    parallel = self.comm.size > 1,
                    num_readers = self.num_readers,
                    num_writers = self.num_writers,
                    writing_port = -1,
                    block_ratio = block_ratio,
                    outbase = self.outbase,
                    particle_mass = float(self.particle_mass),


    def setup_rockstar(self, char *server_address, char *server_port,
                       int num_snaps, np.int64_t total_particles,
                       int dm_type,
                       np.float64_t particle_mass = -1.0,
                       int parallel = False, int num_readers = 1,
                       int num_writers = 1,
                       int writing_port = -1, int block_ratio = 1,
                       int periodic = 1,
                       int min_halo_size = 25, outbase = "None"):

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