Hi Matt,

Well done!  I tried it out already on a small dataset and it took the projection from 1.3s to 0.61s in serial.  As soon as I have access to ssh (yes, still no external ssh here at the lab), I'll give it a shot on a large dataset in parallel and report back.  


On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 3:03 PM, Stephen Skory <s@skory.us> wrote:

great work on parallelizing it! I know how difficult it can be.

> qp = pf.h.quad_proj(0, "Density")

I'll try to test it out later today. One comment - for add_projection
we have this:

pc.add_projection('Density', 0)

but above it's in the other order. Do we want to make these more consistent?

Stephen Skory
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