Dear yt-dev,

As you are all well aware, yt is a constantly growing project with lots of possible improvements that could update the codebase--indeed, many of the pull requests currently waiting to be merged are small or large improvements to yt!  

However, some updates to the code have a lot of strings attached and so could use some more concerted effort by a few developers to get them fully merged into yt.  

As such, we would like to try and schedule 1-2 weeks this summer as "churn weeks": making yt buttery!  We want as many people as are interested to be involved, where involvement loosely looks like 2-3 hours/day where you can really try and buckle down to work through pull requests and code updates with others via slack or whatever works best for you.  

So, if you might be interested in this, please fill out the doodle for weeks that may work this summer!  "Yes" = 4-5 days in which you should be able to give 2-3 hours to churning yt, "If need be" = 3 days in which you have 2-3 hours of churning time, "No" = less than that.

Thanks everyone!!


Dr. Stephanie Tonnesen
Associate Research Scientist
CCA, Flatiron Institute
New York, NY