I tried to install yt using the commands:

$ wget http://hg.yt-project.org/yt/raw/stable/doc/install_script.sh
$ bash install_script.sh

It seemed to install fine, but when I tried to run the activate script, I got the following error:

$ source /Users/mpresley/yt-x86_64/bin/activate
(yt-x86_64)anantes-651-1-49-78:~ mpresley$ yt
usage: yt [-h] [--config CONFIG] [--paste] [--paste-detailed] [--detailed]
          [--rpdb] [--parallel]
yt: error: too few arguments

I tried just deleting the files and re-doing the installation, but I encountered the same error. I am installing on iOS 10.7.5 and have attached the install log. Thanks for any help.