Dear yt:

I am trying to do volume rendering for my data and create a time lapse movie.

Is there a way to extract and put lower and upper bound while volume render? This is to maintain a consistency between frames.

My code is below

Thanks in advance

import yt
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pylab as pl

from yt.visualization.api import Streamlines
from yt.units import km
from mpl_toolkits.mplot3d import Axes3D

ms = 52728000
dims = (260,260,260)

x = np.genfromtxt("/home/sushilkumar.sreekuma/Desktop/MODEL5/UPDATE/Expl_Bt696.mtx",skip_header=2,usecols=1, dtype="f8")
x = x.reshape((17576000, 3), order="F")

field1 = x[:,2].reshape(dims, order="F")
field2 = x[:,1].reshape(dims, order="F")
field3 = x[:,0].reshape(dims, order="F")

data = dict(field_z = field1,
            field_y = field2,
            field_x = field3)

bbox = np.array([[-130, 129], [-130, 129], [-130, 129]])

pf = yt.load_uniform_grid(data, dims, km, bbox=bbox, nprocs=1)

im, sc = yt.volume_render(pf,'field_x',fname='B_rendering_t0696.png',sigma_clip=6) = (150, 'km')

# Save the zoomed in rendering'B_zoomed_rendering_t0696.png')

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   1. ANN: yt 3.3.3 release (Cameron Hummels)


Message: 1
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2016 10:34:53 -0800
From: Cameron Hummels <>
To: "" <>,
        Discussion of the yt analysis package <>
Subject: [yt-users] ANN: yt 3.3.3 release
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We are proud to announce the release of yt 3.3.3!

Version 3.3.3 is a regularly scheduled bugfix release including fixes for a
number of issues reported since the release of yt 3.3.2.  We urge all users
to update to the latest version.

If your python installation is managed via conda, update following:

$ conda update -c conda-forge yt

If your python installation is managed via pip, update following:

$ pip install -U yt

Finally, if you manage your yt installation by running out of a clone of
the yt mercurial repository, update following:

$ yt update

We would like to thank the following people for their contributions to this

Nathan Goldbaum
Cameron Hummels
Ben Keller
Kacper Kowalik
Jonah Miller
Andrew Myers
Hsi-Yu Schive
Britton Smith
Matthew Turk
John Wise
John ZuHone

A summary of changes in this release, along with the number of the pull
request implementing the change follows below:

Additional docstrings for unstructured mesh data.  See PR 2403

Speedup in clump finding. See PR 2426

Speedup in tests. See PR 2427

Bugfixes and docs for Tipsy data. PR 2430
, PR 2431

Bugfix in Ramses time calculation. PR 2433

Bugfix in octree indexing. PR 2434

Fixing behavior of ProfilePlots and Profiles PR 2437
, PR 2448

Bugfix for EPSWritter handing dicts in PlotsWindow instances. PR 2440

Ensuring ion fields utilize dataset's metal-specific fields PR 2442

Assure no orphaned mercurial processes PR 2449

Adding checks for bad values in AbsorptionSpectrum PR 2450

Bugfix in geographic handler PR 2452

Bringing gadget data more inline with other SPH datasets PR 2456
, PR 2436

Bugfix when OpenMP unavailable PR 2458

Enable light_ray_solution saved to actual LightRay class PR 2460

Assure path uses dataset's own unit system. PR 2462

Cameron Hummels,
On behalf of the yt development team

Cameron Hummels
NSF Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Astronomy
California Institute of Technology
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