Hi Dan,

This particular field is defined specifically for Gadget data in the Gadget frontend:



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Dear yt:

I have one simple question, but it bothers me these days.

I used the yt to analysis the "hdf5" files, which generated by

Gadget-2. These files have basic fields, like: ("PartType0", "*"),

("PartType1", "*") and ("all", "*"). Then I want to plot the density

map and temperature map, it seems need some derived fields, like:

("gas", "density") and ("gas", "temperature").

I'm curious about how the ("gas","temperature") was derived, so I

browsed a lots of documents on the Web, but found nothing. Please



About the field of ('gas','temperature'),  there is "No source

available" in "Field Source"!

In my data, the field ("PartType0","InternalEnergy") is provided by

me, and I think the temperature should calculated by Internal Energy

"E" with the function: k*T = (Gamma -1)*µ*mp*E, where k = 1.38E-16

erg/K is Boltzmann constant, Gamma = 5/3 for adiabat particles, μ =

0.6 is the corresponding mean molecular weight, and mp = 1.67E-24 g

is proton mass. But this result is about half of the value of


So what you may know is why, which one is right? I need your help!

Thank you a lot, and happy new year!




Dan Hu


Department of Physics, Shanghai Jiao Tong


800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang, Shanghai 200240, PRC

E-mail : hudan_bazhaoyu@163.com




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