Dear All,
I am trying to plot a multi plot of temperatures at different red-shifts with following script.

from yt.mods import * # set up our namespace
import matplotlib.colorbar as cb

fig, axes, colorbars = get_multi_plot( 3, 1, colorbar='vertical', bw = 4)

list = [11,13,22]
#for kk in range(20,37):
for kk in list:
    fn=file1+fn_i+file2+fn_i # parameter file to load
    print fn
    pf = load(fn) # load data
    pc = PlotCollection(pf, center=[0.5,0.5,0.5]) # defaults to center at most dense point#dd = pf.h.all_data()
    p = pc.add_slice("Temperature", 1, figure = fig, axes = axes[0][m], use_colorbar=False)
    #p.set_cmap("jet")# a different colormap
    p.modify["contour"]("Density", ncont=9, plot_args = {'colors':'w'},clim=(5e-30,5e-25))
    #p.modify["contour"]("Temperature", ncont=10, plot_args = {'colors':'k'},clim=(3e7,1e8))
    pc.set_width(15, 'mpc') # change width of all plots in pc
    m=m+1"%s_p.png" % pf) # save all plots
    for p, cax in zip(pc.plots, colorbars):
   cbar = cb.Colorbar(cax, p.image, orientation='vertical')
   p.colorbar = cbar
   fig.savefig("Temperature_at_rd00_11,13,22" % pf)

The problem is that I am getting the temperature in log scale, even-though I used  p.set_log_field(False)
in my script. 

Please suggest me how to get-rid of this problem.

Reju Sam John