I need to install the development version of yt, which is fully capable of reading BoxLib-based datasets (yt-users Digest, Vol 110, Issue 1).

While I can do that without problems on my PC, I ran into problems on the remote host where the datasets are produced.

I am able to successfully install Anaconda and also the stable yt branch (via conda install yt), but the "nightly conda build"
conda install -c http://use.yt/with_conda/ yt

fails with the error message

Fetching package metadata ...

CondaHTTPError: HTTP None None for url <http://use.yt/with_conda/linux-64/repodata.json>
Elapsed: None

An HTTP error occurred when trying to retrieve this URL.
HTTP errors are often intermittent, and a simple retry will get you on your way.
ConnectionError(MaxRetryError("HTTPConnectionPool(host='use.yt', port=80): Max retries exceeded with url: /with_conda/linux-64/repodata.json (Caused by NewConnectionError('<requests.packages.urllib3.connection.HTTPConnection object at 0x2aaab449ad30>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 113] No route to host',))",),)

It turns out that retrying doesn't help. I suspect that traffic through certain ports is blocked.

Over the alternative route offered by the yt installation script, even the basic installation fails because some packages cannot be accessed.

If anyone knows of other options or a way to circumvent the above problem, please let me know.

Best regards,