Excuse me, you're right - dark matter is particle type 1. These are all defined in the enzo source code, right here:


Enzo doesn't have gas particles so (even though it gets an entry as particle type 0 in that file) in practice there aren't any gas particles in any real Enzo output. Instead the gas fields are defined on the Enzo AMR mesh.

On Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 2:17 PM, tyuta <y0u1t1a5.t@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear yt users,

Hi, I want to know about particle filters. I learned that I can specify some particle type by doing like this:

def stars(pfilter, data):
    filter = data[(pfilter.filtered_type, "particle_type")] == 2
    return filter

I learned that the filter for star is No.2 from this example. What about other particles like gas or dark matter ? (Nathan kindly told me that dark matter is 0, but fragmentary information I got from google search suggest that it's 1, so I'm confused...) Is there any good documentation for this?
I'm working with Enzo data.


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