Hi all,

I'm looking at the number of particles per octree node (n_p hereafter) (a.k.a. the ('deposit', 'all_count') field) and find the results confusing. To my understanding, an octree node is refined (into 8 sub-nodes) only when n_p (of that node) > n_ref, so eventually n_p.mean (the average value of n_p) should be greater than n_ref/8. But the number I get is much smaller. When n_ref = 64, I get n_p.mean approximately 2 for all my tests.

I'm wondering if my understanding of the octree refining process if correct? And if so, how to explain the weird distribution of n_p?

Here's the link to my tests: https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/gist/qobilidop/d8f4cb85f1b465770854