Dear yt users,

I have a pull request open that implements plots of particle fields, as demonstrated in this notebook. It would be great to get some more eyes on this - the more people who try it before the pull request is merged, the better. Any comments, criticisms, or bug reports will only improve the version that gets merged, so please feel free to suggest improvements. The documentation for how to use the new features is here, and cookbook recipes are here.

If you're interested, you can get the changesets from my yt fork by doing:

1. Make sure yt is activated
2. cd $YT_DEST/src/yt-hg
3. hg pull -b particle_plots
4. hg update -C particle_plots
5. python develop

WARNING: The "-C" option to hg update will wipe any uncommited changes in your working copy, so be wary.