I have found that, yt subversion repository installation was always successful when I installed it on my laptop. The mercurial installation script did not work except downloading of files.

From: Matthew Turk <matthewturk@gmail.com>
To: Discussion of the yt analysis package <yt-users@lists.spacepope.org>
Sent: Thu, 16 September, 2010 3:09:37 AM
Subject: [yt-users] Moving to Mercurial: SVN now deprecated

Hi everyone,

The subversion repository for yt has been frozen, and no further
updates will be made to it.  We're migrating exclusively to mercurial,
which is a different mechanism for source control.  (There's a bit
more info at this blog post:
http://blog.enzotools.org/yt-has-moved-to-mercurial )  I'm pretty
excited about this -- it should open up yt as a whole to become more
user-friendly in adding contributions.  I've added appropriate
suggestions to the repository:


as well as a list of active branches in the repository:


The installation scripts have been updated, and I've also changed the
landing page and wiki to point to the new installation script.  If you
would like to move to the hg repository, I recommend either swapping
out your existing installation or simply re-installing from scratch.
The installation instructions have info on how to get either the
stable branch or the unstable branch.


NOTE:  As per Jeff's email from a couple weeks ago, the unstable
branch (named 'yt') has moved away from the old naming convention
('lagos', 'raven', 'fido', etc) and to more descriptive names.  Here's
his message, for reference:

For more information on Mercurial, and what all this means, here are
some handy links:


Please feel free to dig around and submit patches!  I'm pretty hopeful
that this turnover will make development and contribution of patches
much more straightforward and easy.

Let me know if you run into any problems.  Best wishes,

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