Dear all,

I am trying to annotate quiver over the projection plot of density field using the following code line:
        p.annotate_quiver("velocity_x", "velocity_y", factor = 35, normalize = True, plot_args = {"color":'Red'})

but it shows an error:
  File "/home/user1/yt/yt/visualization/", line 997, in run_callbacks
    callback = CallbackMaker(*args[1:], **kwargs)
TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'plot_args'

Without 'plot_args' keyword argument annotation works fine but I need to adjust the color and the width of the vectors.
I am using yt Version = 3.5.dev0.

It may be a silly question: while annotating vectors (velocity_x and velocity_y, say) over the projection plot, is the annotation done after the weighted line integration of velocity_x and velocity_y over the width of the projection? and for this also the weight field is the same as we specified in the field projection method! If so, Is there any way to change the weight field for the annotation?

Many thanks and regards,