Hi all,

I am trying to make a nice volume rendering, and am having some trouble.  My camera commands are:
tf = ColorTransferFunction((-29,-24))
tf.add_layers(8,w=0.1,colormap="Hue Sat Value 2")
tf.sample_colormap(-26.5,w=0.02,colormap="Hue Sat Value 2")
cam = pf.h.camera([0.0,2.,1.8],[0.0,-1.0,-0.2],4.0,512,tf)

I will attach the image, also (v11).  First, when I use add_layers, can I get yt to print out WHERE the layers are?  Second, but related, when I just use add_layers I only see the higher density gas.  I have to add sample_colormap to see lower density gas (the blue stuff).  Compare v11 to v6 to see what I am talking about.