No it’s the same dataset, I just wanted to make sure that we were running exactly the same script.

How did you install yt? From conda? From pip? Building from source?

Is there any chance you can run yt under faulthandler to get a python traceback from the seg fault:

$ python -X faulthandler

When python seg faults that will print out a traceback you can share with us so we can see where the seg fault is coming from in yt or matplotlib.

It's possible that you're hitting a blue waters-specific issue. yt 3.2 is very old, I'd imagine it's long overdue to be updated, and complaints from users may prompt them to update the module.

On Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 4:59 PM Lu, Yinghe <> wrote:

I am running on blue waters (the yt module is only 3.2.1 and I need to run pyXSIM with yt-3.5 version of above so I decide to reinstall it), so the OS version I have is

Linux version 3.0.101- (geeko@buildhost) (gcc version 4.3.4 [gcc-4_3-branch revision 152973] (SUSE Linux) )

the matplotlib version is 3.0.3, and python version is 3.7.1.

The dataset I use is FLASH data under /GasSloshing, downloaded from Is that different from what you use?

Auxiliary Data Files Size (mb) Description Link; cloudy_emissivity (v. 2) 2.1 MB: X-ray emissivity tables created with Cloudy (for a photoionized plasma), used for creating X-ray fields. Identical to v. 1 except that emissivity is per keV instead of per Hz, and the file contains the edges of the energy bins.

From: Nathan Goldbaum <>
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Subject: [yt-users] Re: Create_profile error with yt 3.5
Hi Yinghe,

I just tried running that cookbook script and it seems to be working for me. Did you modify that script to, for example, load a different dataset?

Also can you share more about your python environment like operating system, python version, and matplotlib version?


On Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 3:50 PM Lu, Yinghe <> wrote:



    I recently updated yt from 3.2.1 to 3.5.1 and I am receiving Segmentation Fault error when running yt.data_objects.profiles.create_profile. A good way to reproduce the error would be when running the test code in the documentation I can't seem to find anywhere in the documentation what has changed regarding this function during the updates. Would appreciate if anyone can take a look into this! 

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