Hi yt-users! 

I thought I'd give you all a few updates about our updated governance structure!

Last week, YTEP-0000 was merged into the ytep repository, which outlined our general governance philosophy. 

Details of the governance structure and how it will be implemented are still being discussed in the governance repository (https://github.com/yt-project/governance/pull/1). Things have been updated since I last messaged you all, so please take a look if you're interested. 

We have a couple of outstanding discussions that could use your feedback. I've created some polls in the open PR related to them so you can vote without commenting if you'd like. 

If there is something that has influenced your participation in the community (positive or negative) that the governance could reflect, this is a great time to help the community grow by letting us all know. 


On Mon, Aug 19, 2019 at 11:32 AM Madicken Munk <madicken.munk@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi yt-users! 

We've been working on updating our governance model for the yt-project to help our project grow, to codify our decision-making process, and to outline the governance structure of the project. I've submitted two companion pull requests with drafts of this updated documentation:


(you can see the contents of the pull requests if you click on the "files changed" tab; text highlighted in green is an addition and in red is removed) 

Our existing governance document is located at https://ytep.readthedocs.io/en/master/YTEPs/YTEP-1776.html

The first pull request is to a new governance repository, where our governance documentation will live separately from the YTEPs (yt enhancement proposals). This will allow us to maintain and minorly update our governance without having to update YTEP. The second pull request is to the YTEP repository and generally outlines the core values and ideas we want our governance structure to reflect. Hopefully all of the things I've listed in the YTEP are reflected in the governance docs.

As members of the community, I'd like to solicit feedback from all of you about these governance documents. Do these reflect our community values? Should we add anything? Do you feel everything is clear? Is this too much governance for our community right now? Is there something that's missing? As users, do you feel our governance structure is supportive to you, or do you think there is a way we could improve it to do so? 

Feel free to reply here or comment on the pull requests! Our governance will be better with your feedback.