Hi, all--

I have a clump that I've gotten with the clump finder.  I'd like to paint those zones of that clump with a flag, so I can exclude that region from other analysis.  I'm a little stuck on how to get this done-- I feel like it needs to involve clump.data._flush_data_to_grids and a cut_mask, but I'm a little stuck on how to define the field that I flush_to_grids.  

Specifically, how to get the cut_mask information to the field, and how to avoid clobbering the paint from one clump with another (or, from one grid with another)

I'm trying to do something like:

for grid in clump.data._grids:
    cut_mask = clump.data._get_cut_mask(grid)
    def masked_region(field,data):
        cut_mask = data.get_field_parameter('cut_mask', None)
            base = data['masked_region']
            base = na.zeros(data['Density'].shape)
        if cut_mask is not None:
            base = na.maximum(base,cut_mask)
        return base    
     add_field('masked_region',function=masked_region,validators=[ValidateGridType()], not_in_all=True)
    print grid, cut_mask.sum(), grid['masked_region'].sum()

but clump['masked_region'].sum() only returns the flagged zones in the first of the grids.

I feel like this is something I've done before, but can't find any reference to it in my email or old scripts.  Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, or it's obvious and I'm being thick.