Hi Remy,

Sam or Matt may correct me here, but I don't think that the Camera interface is currently capable of providing a backdrop like the one from Matplotlib in that example.  However, you *can* provide a bounding box for your data, which gives it some context of 3-dimensional space: http://yt-project.org/doc/cookbook/complex_plots.html#volume-rendering-with-bounding-box-and-overlaid-grids

There is currently development going on in yt 3.0 to enable a more extensive camera interface which may allow for something like this, but it will be a few more months before it's ready for use.

I hope this helps.


On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 3:55 PM, Remy Indebetouw <indebetouw@gmail.com> wrote:
yt newbie here - nice software, thanks for all your hard work!

I really like the matplotlib 3d axis background, as e.g. http://yt-project.org/doc/cookbook/complex_plots.html#plotting-isocontours
But I can't figure out how to get something remotely like that with a rendered camera snapshot.

Is this possible?
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