I am very excited to announce the yt Hub:

The yt Hub is a gathering place for all things related to running, analyzing, and
presenting astrophysical simulations.  Once upon a time, we had the Enzotools
Barn, which was a place to share Enzo scripts unrelated to yt, including hosting
of those scripts.  The Barn was a minor success, but had a very limited scope
and a somewhat clunky user experience.

Now we have the yt Hub, where users can submit externally-hosted projects in
a variety of categories:
- yt scripts
- Analysis and visualization tools and utilities
- Simulation and data management
- Scripts for making figures from published papers
- News and announcements
- General astrophysical utilities

Users can create their own accounts and share anything they’ve created that might
be useful to others.  Currently, the preferred submission method is to create a
repository on and then submit the link to that.  If you would like to host
the repository for your contribution somewhere else, that’s fine, too.  The forthcoming
2.2 release of yt will include a utility for automating the creation and uploading of a repository as well as submitting that repository to the Hub.

In addition, users may also subscribe to email announcements, in which they will
receive an email with any new submissions from the previous day.

Please, come check it out and contribute.  The site is brand new, so feel free to send
feedback if you encounter any oddities or think of improvements.  The primary goal of
yt has been to create a common analysis language for computational astrophysicists
coming from different simulation codes.  We hope that the yt Hub will serve as the
meeting place for the conversation.

Best regards,
and the rest of the yt development team.