Hi everyone,

I just tried a new install of yt on kraken form the install script.  It failed on installing h5py 1.3 with the following error:

Configure: Autodetecting HDF5 settings...
    Custom HDF5 dir:       /lustre/scratch/britton/local-dev
    Custom API level:      None
/opt/cray/xt-asyncpe/4.0/bin/cc: INFO: linux target is being used
/opt/cray/xt-asyncpe/4.0/bin/cc: INFO: linux target is being used
/lustre/scratch/britton/local-dev/lib/libhdf5.a(H5Zdeflate.o): In function `H5Z_filter_deflate':
H5Zdeflate.c:(.text+0x134): undefined reference to `compress2'
H5Zdeflate.c:(.text+0x1ee): undefined reference to `inflateInit_'
H5Zdeflate.c:(.text+0x209): undefined reference to `inflate'
H5Zdeflate.c:(.text+0x270): undefined reference to `inflateEnd'
H5Zdeflate.c:(.text+0x3de): undefined reference to `inflateEnd'
H5Zdeflate.c:(.text+0x410): undefined reference to `inflateEnd'
/usr/bin/ld: link errors found, deleting executable `detect/vers'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

    Failed to compile HDF5 test program.  Please check to make sure:

    * You have a C compiler installed
    * A development version of Python is installed (including header files)
    * A development version of HDF5 is installed (including header files)
    * If HDF5 is not in a default location, supply the argument --hdf5=<path>
error: command 'cc' failed with exit status 1

I checked that the kraken yt install from the yt module is using h5py 1.2, which I believe suffers from the h5py bug that was mentioned not too long ago.  I double checked that I had gnu compiler module loaded, so I don't think that's it.  Does anyone have any ideas?